Sizing Information

Here you will find sizing information for all of our sized baby wearing products. Some products (for example our gorgeous ring slings) only come in one size, so there’s no need to include sizing information for those products.

Hotslings Sized Pouch Information:

Obtaining a correctly-fitting sling is essential for the happiness and comfort of both the wearer, and the baby being carried. Loose and poorly fitting slings can be dangerous, and damaging to both parties – so please take the time to check your size and buy according to your fit. Here’s how: measure from shoulder to hip with a soft tape measure, starting at the outer corner of your shoulder, reaching all the way down to your hip bone. The number (in inches) should be roughly in the 20’s. Check your number against the sizing chart below, and you’re on your way!

Hotslings Adjustable Pouch information: 

Adjustable pouches are designed to fit between sizes 2 and 5 on the chart below.


How to tell if the fit is good:

High and tight is the general feeling you want to aim for. Fit is quite a personal thing though, and some people will be able to wear a few different sizes with no issues, whereas others will only have one that suits them. Your pouch is too tight if:

  • it’s really hard to get baby in and out,
  • it’s uncomfortably tight on your body, or
  • it digs into baby’s legs when you’ve got them positioned correctly.

Your pouch is too loose if:

  • your legs are hitting the baby when you walk,
  • your back aches after a short while,
  • baby feels insecure or unsupported, or
  • if the sling keeps slipping off your shoulder.


Ellaroo Woven Wrap lengths:

  • 4.2m Small – up to 130lbs and 5’4″
  • 4.6m Medium – up to 160lbs and 5’8″
  • 5.0m Large – up to 190lbs and 6′