Inspired by the baby carriers that have been used in Asia and Latin America for generations, baby slings provide a secure, comfortable way to keep your little one close to you. These modern-day versions of traditional cloth baby carriers are secured by pairs of rings constructed out of metal or nylon. While not as versatile as some other types of infant carriers, slings can be worn on the front and hip as well as on your back for older babies.

If you’re breastfeeding your little one, the long tails on a baby sling can double as a nursing cover for use on the go. You can also use the extra fabric to cover your little one from the hot summer sun or from unexpected rain drops or a chilly breeze. Very easy to pull on and off, slings are fully adjustable to ensure that you’re both comfortable. Keep in mind that slings do place weight on one shoulder, so they’re not as good of a choice for parents with back problems or shoulder pain.

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