Amazonas Kangoo Hammock

  • Suitable for ages 0-9 months
  • Max weight 15 kgs
  • Hammock only, stand sold separately
  • Can be used with the doorclamp or the following stands: Carrelo Baby, Hippo
  • Hammock dimensions 70x40cm



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The Amazonas Kangoo Hammock is the ultimate in luxury baby hammocks, with a single suspension point allowing the hammock to mimic the gentle rocking motions of the womb. It can also be buttoned up at both ends, to keep your baby feeling safe and secure. Full instructions are provided, to ensure your baby (and you) can make the most of naptime!

This hammock quickly and easily pairs with the Carello Baby or Hippo stands, or can be hung by means of the door clamp (all sold separately).

For additional comfort, you can pair this with the Sunny Hammock insulated hammock inlay (sold separately) to give an extra layer of padding for your baby.


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Weight 1.3 kg