Life doesn’t stop when your baby is born! You still need to be able to live life on the go and can’t afford to be held back by a bulky baby carrier. Patapum is a brand that truly understands that and seeks to help free parents to take their children with them anywhere and maintain their active lifestyles as their little ones grow.

Patapum was founded by a pair of parents who had experienced the benefits of babywearing firsthand following the birth of their first child. While they loved the ability to bond with their baby that wearing front baby carriers and wraps provided, they found that the carriers on the market just weren’t ideal. Some were visually unappealing. Others weren’t comfortable at all, and some were so hard to use that they complicated outings.

When their second child was born, the founders of Patapum decided to create their own infant carrier. After seeing how well it worked, they brought their carrier to market and Patapum was launched in 2003. Today, their baby carriers are designed in Italy, manufactured in accordance with strict quality standards and sold all over the world.