Should you have to sacrifice your sense of style to enjoy the convenience of carrying your baby hands free? The design experts behind Hotslings don’t think so. That’s why they’ve created a line of baby carriers that look like stylish fashion accessories but that rival the comfort and incredible performance of the best conventional carriers.

Founded in 2003, Hotslings specialises in a unique type of baby carrier that is a cross between compact pouches and large baby slings secured by rings. With Hotslings, you’re treated to a baby carrier that is cut to suit your body shape, so you don’t have to spend time adjusting buckling straps or ties to get ready to go. Adjustable styles are also available for sharing slings between caregivers.

With Hotslings baby carriers, you can choose from an array of eye-catching styles that feature patterns that reflect the latest trends. Check out the options now and see for yourself how many beautiful ways there are for you to carry your child.